We Buy and Sell Vintage Signs Across North America


Leinenkugels Chippewas Pride Beer Neon Porcelain Sign

This 40″ by 48″ sign is dark read and has some white and yellow lettering. The sign has a man’s head at the top edge. The sign has text that reads “Since 1867 Leinenkugel’s Chippewa’s Pride Beer.”

Edsel Ford Neon Porcelain Sign

This sign is for Edsel Ford. The sign’s colors are green and white. The text on the sign reads: E Edsel. The sign shows a large circle E at the top of the text.

Stag Beer Neon Porcelain Sign

This house-shaped neon porcelain sign is 16″ by 10″. This neon lights up with red lights and has text that reads “Stag Beer.”

Pan Am Gasoline Motor Oils Neon Porcelain Sign

This is a nice sized sign for being a neon. This double sided porcelain neon sign measures 48″ across and is navy blue, red, and white. The sign has text that reads “Gasoline Pan-Am Motor Oils” and has a red burst in the center.

Ziegler Beer Neon Porcelain Sign

This great looking 48″ by 30″ red and black neon porcelain sign is a hanging double sided sign. The sign has text in white that reads “Ziegler Beer.”

Tresler Comet Die Cut Porcelain Sign

This die cut shaped sign is 58″ by 58″ and is orange, navy blue, and white. There isn’t much going on with this simple sign, other than text that reads “Tresler Comet.”

Zenith Bolt Neon Porcelain Sign

This 30″ by 45″ single sided neon porcelain sign is red and yellow, with yellow neon lights. The text on the sign reads “Zenith.”